making daydreams

Our Mission:

          At we love to 3D print things; we're also committed to working toward a more enlightened future.  We work every day to delight our customers, inspire their friends and empower moral institutions by making daydreams that speak to the world.

Our Inspiration:

          Building a company by helping the world become a better place... Like everyone, we try to support the causes we connect with.  Some say the world is continually becoming a better place. It might be, but it certainly doesn't happen on it's own. The natural tendency of life is toward disorder and regression; of sophistication to ignorance. We only progress to higher levels of enlightened behavior through the largely unsung efforts of those working to expand it outward every day.  If our job at can allow us to raise awareness and spread greater understanding of these causes we feel strongly about, we believe this is the most noble profession we can pursue.

          3D Printing...We're blown away by the experience of building an object on a screen one day, and holding it in our hands a few days later.  Using the latest software to fuse digital sculpting and mechanical design, we design things that would have been impossible to create just a few short years ago.  We then have them PRINTED out using cutting edge 3D printers that build up a solid object layer by tiny layer.  In effect, we're pulling ideas straight from daydream into reality.

Partner Charities:


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Life is like a seashell; it is at any time both perfectly beautiful and incomplete.