Our Inspiration:

          At Inceptance we're blown away by the experience of building an object on a screen one day, and holding it in our hands a few days later.  Using the latest software to fuse digital sculpting and mechanical design, we strive to design things that would be impossible to create just a few short years ago.  We then have them PRINTED out using cutting edge 3D printers that build up a solid object layer by tiny layer.  In effect, we're pulling ideas straight from daydream into reality.

About Us:

          We started Inceptance as a husband(engineer) and wife(artist) team located just outside Chicago, IL.  Our love of nature inspired us to start 3D printing seashells because, after all, the creatures who make shells are both artists, and engineers.  The shells we've printed were found in various places around the world and are meant to enable others to travel there in spirit.  Seashells, while collected for their beauty, are kept for the memories they evoke.  We've found that keeping a shell with you wherever you go can be a pleasant reminder that the natural world is never far away.
          We hope you enjoy the things we've created...  Each one tells a different story.